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Empire Deluxe Combined Edition

The latest in the classic Empire Series of games, which has spanned almost five decades. · By Killer Bee Software

First Thoughts of EDCE.

A topic by Ron aka SouthAussie5108 created Dec 01, 2017 Views: 623 Replies: 25
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After waiting for this game; finally down loading it and getting to play it, I finally got to think about it. I first started with a similar game called OVERLORD for the TANDY CoCo TRS-80 way back in about 1985. Then when I went to IBM Compatible Computer aka today's PC; I saw in a magazine EMPIRE DELUXE Masters Edition. I couldn't catch public transport into ADELAIDE, South Australia fast enough when I found a copy of EDME for sale and reserved for me!!This I still have in its original box. Then from EDME I graduated to EDEE. Now hope I get the name correct OBLIVION did a data base called ULTRA DB. THIS is the data base I play with now in EDEE. 

EDCE, after playing EDEE with ULTRA DB, is a step backwards it seems on first play. BUT like the Creator says, there is room for improvement for the NAVY, ARMY and AIR FORCE in the future. This is why I am playing EDCE now... for the time now there is a whole lot of commands to learn and click and a parcel of other things to this EDCE. In the near future there will be a data base like Ultra DB THEN the wars will really start. 
So don't be dishearten if you are the same as me in what we have been playing before. Getting use to a new concept is always daunting - but gets easier with time. And knowing Killer Bee, and MOK , EDCE will be looking Great for sure.

Very daunting at first but takes time. I am playing on the map provided... A Great Game.. but getting a fair kicking in the arse with the enemy only using INF?? 10 hours of play so far..... 


The WORST "feature"!!! I was really hoping that my custom settings would be in the game directory - NOT ON MY JAMMED UP C DRIVE. Is there a way to configure this for another directory - like a subdirectory off the GAME directory.  I regularly backup my games directory to the cloud (not on my C Drive). It just sucks that you did this! Now I have to setup a script to copy from my C to my D to make backups quick and easy. I rarely  backup my C Drive (OS) because I don't keep DATA on the C Drive. For the same reason, I do backup my other drives frequently and often because they contain volatile data. I really don't play on the laptop.  

Other than that, everything is so tedious and everything seems to be so manually oriented for configuration. Little or no usable documentation on  what all these parameters and such mean in the Unit DB. Where is it stored. It would take me days to create new UNIT NAME FILES, for instance. I was really hoping for an easy way to import my unit names files! Sadly, none that I have discovered. The GE file XML is corrupt and won't load in my XML editor.

I was really hoping to be able to import my custom unit database(s) and names files from EDEE as a starting point in EDCE - Apparently I cannot. I have configured so many great features in the unit databases in EDEE like Subs can't deep submerge in coastal waters or can't enter coastal waters while deep submerged, I added an air superiority fighter which is great for Air to Air but not great for attacking ground targets. I also added a special "wild weasel" aircraft that suppresses anti-aircraft fire (very highly resistant to Air-to-Air and Ground to Air fire) for the rest of the air attack to follow. Ships should have to refuel like planes but on a much longer time scale. My aircraft carriers are Nuclear so literally no refueling. I replaced the Patrol boat with a Guided Missile Cruiser that can carry and launch 2 short range missiles. I made my satellites have a very wide detection range (just like satellites do on Earth). I permitted my A/C to carry Helicopters, Fighters, Air Superiority Fighters, Wild Weasels. My submarines can carry 2 missiles and can launch while surfaced or submerged but not deep dive. My bombers can carry 1 short range missile.  My Carriers and my Submarines can move faster than my Cruisers, Battleships and Destroyers. My trucks can carry and launch 1 missile. All ground units have been given a range (large) but it requires they enter a city or port periodically to replenish supplies and fuel. For instance, the range on Armor set so that every 12 turns they need to enter a city or port or be  transported. The range on a Battleship is similarly set. In real life, ships all must replenish and refuel - even nuclear powered. Nuclear powered AC and CR and Submarines. For nuclear powered ships, it is every 40 turns. Another change is that all ships can only go at half speed in coastal waters. All of these updates more clearly simulate today's military environment.    

Haven't gotten around to playing a game yet.  I am not particularly impressed with the difficulty imposed by XML for editing name files and such without the facility to cut and paste lists of names of units into those files. 


Regarding the drive issues, this location is initially determined by the Unity Engine and that is pretty standard. Being a tech weenie I personally do not like the choice, but it is what it is. However, you can override it.  Check the manual, which is online as well:

and around page 93 look for "Changing The Game Data Location".  Also make sure you know the difference between the "Game Reference Directory" (where you put the game) and the  "Game Data Directory" (which is what you  want to move).

In regards, to portability of the unit databases from EDEE, that is not possible at this time.  EDEE is different, and there are actually more features in an EDEE DB than in an EDCE. The development of the features of EDEE's DBs was a process over the 15 years of the game's life, with numerous change requests and added patience. For EDCE, we have to start that process somewhere, and here we are. 

I would say that if you have a DB you used often for EDEE, build an EDCE DB as you did the former, which is one unit at a time over time. If there is a feature that appears missing, let me know and it can be discussed. But in terms of Unit DBs from EDEE into EDCE, there is no conversion path except you seeing what works and what doesn't, and it is possible that only EDEE will work the way you want it to.

Regarding Unit Modification in general, this is an extra part of the game program and not the game itself. If someone's perspective is modification is the game, then I can see the disappointment. Hopefully over time I hope it will develop more, but at the moment it is in fact quite bare bones. I have made several posts over time that there is only so much that one developer can do, and rather than not have this feature because it cannot be perfect for everyone, I have exposed it so that people that want to take the extra effort can modify the game.  But like augmenting the source code, or creating graphics, there is a level of effort needed to undertake to make those changes. If anyone does not have the patience  for that, I would recommend not trying to make modifications, as I can see it would be an exercise in frustration.

The EDEE format was nowhere near standard to anything and confused a lot of people, this format is more legible.  The EDCE files do not have an xml extension, because they are not standard xml. Non standard xml is used for efficiency and portability reasons. However, some one that understands XML should be able to convert the text file to standard xml for the purposes of putting it into the "standard readers",  and then convert it back when they are done. However, I have not tried this and I do not know if the "standard readers" would output the file in the format the game program is expecting as CDATA is a key piece of every text element.  One can also take a free editor like Notepad++ and do simple string replaces to build the appropriate syntax. 


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Changing the directory doesn't work. 


Developer (2 edits) (-1)

Whatever...if you cannot find it unto yourself to be civil, then you will simply be ignored and you should find a different game to play. We don't have time to waste with insults.

But if you are interested in changing the directory, follow these directions from the manual.

In the additions directory off of the Game Reference Directory, there is a file entitled
AltPath.txt. If you edit this file, changing the first line of the file to the full path for the desired
directory, then copy the file to the Game Reference Directory, the program will create the
appropriate data structure for the game in that directory.
THIS WILL ONLY WORK if AltPath.txt is placed in the Game Reference Directory

You have done something wrong. If you want it to work, please try again.

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I have never heard of a Game Reference Directory before. What exactly is the Game Reference Directory ??

Here is my current game path ... D:\Games\EDCE\win64\EmpireCombined_Data\Profile - can my profile data go in that empty directory you provided or should my profile be off the Game Reference Directory whatever the heck that is.

So in my terminology, there is the game ROOT directory (Win64) with the EDCE executable and then the game subdirectories.

When I open the game, it says that Version 3 is out. How do I download (where?) and/or upgrade my game software?

I really, really, don't want to subscribe and endure all the advertising that subscribing to STEAM will obviously generate. More spam! I hate advertising. If I register on STEAM, I will bet I will be inundated with all kinds of propaganda about buying or paying to play games and gaming equipment and such. 

Ok, you had to have at least one set of images for a new unit to test the feature. Put it in a zip file and send it to me! Better, update your release to include it in the directory that it goes in ... call it sample for some such.

I haven't played yet, though I have downloaded. I assume this is the right place to flag a Steam issue. I've rejoined Steam after years of neglect; I have found EDCE aboard Steam but it's "not in my library." I don't see a way to add it to my library. Have you got a step procedural for this added layer?  This is why I generally avoid Steam.


At the same location where you downloaded the game, there should be a button that will provide you with a Steam Key. I think the key is like a 15 char long string (they use a "CD Key" format), which you need to put in Steam.

To do that, you open the Steam Client, and there is a top most menu bar, not the big font bar but above that. Click on Games->Activate A Product On Steam. Enter the key and you should be good.

Thanks, Mark, will try that.

Why steam, what is steam, why do I need or want it?

Yes, I feel the same way, but I guess it has advantages which Mark can delineate.


Currently the only advantage to the game on steam is the updates occur automatically, so you don;t have to mess with the files. If I chose to take advantage of the Workshop for map shares, or the  Peer To Peer connection for pvp, then that would be a dfference as well.

So that means we're playing it from Steam, not from our computers?

Developer (1 edit)

No, Steam is a game market place and library. People who buy their games on Steam are beholden to it being available on their Steam library. When you own a game on Steam, it is installed on your machine and runs on your machine but you must use the Steam Client to run it.

Many people have large libraries of games on Steam. As a hook, Steam allows me to distribute keys to the game in cases like the kickstarter or an purchase. I am sure they are hoping you buy some of their Steam dependent products. Many developers only release on Steam. I have chosen to allow a DRM free version which you are using.

Beyond the automatic updates, Steam has an API which offers various other things for your game, which with code I could plug into. Like external achievements and a workshop which handles the sharing of things like maps automatically, and even "Trading Cards".. Also an interesting hook because then the program is beginning to only be able to run on Steam to do "cool stuff" with these features.


Think of it as Itunes (iOS) or Google Play (android) for the PC. Those first two systems are more closed...but I think the term is "Games as a Service" - they handle all the management - purchase/install/execution - of your game.

I must be 10 to 15 hours into various games of EDCE.. Various games because I have different concepts I want to try with in the game.. I am Really Enjoying it. Like all things eg Walking. it takes time and patience. Having corresponded with MOK for many years  (I am in Australia) I am in the know he wouldn't produce something that wasn't workable. YES its  a Daunting game at first with all them buttons and a very much Mouse Click Game....... BUT its still a great game. Hours pass too Quickly and I find my self crawling into bed late at night so I don't awake the "Superior Commander" and have to explain why I am so late.
EDEE is on the shelf for the time being... I have a new concept to learn and more importantly Master!

Thanks MOK!!


Explore the keybinds. Every command and info button on the display can be bound to a key, or Shift/Alt/Cntrl key combo.

"Explore the keybinds. Every command and info button on the display can be bound to a key, or Shift/Alt/Cntrl key combo."

Not only that, you can map the keyboard to command shortcuts!  Even add modifier keys like Shift, Command, Option and/or Control!

JK- sorry, just the UX in me.... ;-)

Noticing when using map that comes with game... AI Enemy only ever used INF????? Why is this so?? I expect to se a few tanks and aircraft by now after 500 turns!.


Each AI behaves differently.  Source code for all three is available.

Today, 06DEC2017 .. AI actually fired a missile at me... then the game crashed.. Bummer.


Sorry about that, Sent you email on how to make the archive. I am sure we can fix it and recover the game.

Please, Don't be sorry, No hang ups and Grumpiness here. Its a game that runs on lots of little zeros and ones.. must only take one of those to muck things up.. 

You wont get any "I demand" from me.... I know you are only human - and over the many many past years with EDEE you have been a great friend and help to my few problems. 

Unlike you, I am retired after 25 years Military Service ...... and everyday to me is a Saturday ... which means a day off from work!!!!!

Slowly does it mate, we will get there in the end and make this a far better game than ever thought of...


I think the AI Fix I sent you should do the job.