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Ron aka SouthAussie5108

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Please, Don't be sorry, No hang ups and Grumpiness here. Its a game that runs on lots of little zeros and ones.. must only take one of those to muck things up.. 

You wont get any "I demand" from me.... I know you are only human - and over the many many past years with EDEE you have been a great friend and help to my few problems. 

Unlike you, I am retired after 25 years Military Service ...... and everyday to me is a Saturday ... which means a day off from work!!!!!

Slowly does it mate, we will get there in the end and make this a far better game than ever thought of...

Today, 06DEC2017 .. AI actually fired a missile at me... then the game crashed.. Bummer.

When it comes to Computer Technology, I know enough information to never cover a FullStop/Period. For the past three hours I have been pulling what short hair out to find this C:/users/Ron/AppData ............................ Where the hell is AppData... cant see it. (PS I do wear Glasses hehe)

Anyway did a complete search of my 3 hard drives and found a Steam/ file with stuff in it dated today - as today is whan I had Player#5 crash on me.. for some reason the game did reload after I closed the game down and P#3 did a toes up and crashed too. I know how much these files are important to you so did a humongous search and hopefully found what you needed. I could not tell what spacific file needed so zipped all files dated this dat 05/12/2017 (or as you USA folks put it 12/05/2017 - We like day/month/year .. where as USA puts the day After the month ... strange??)

ANY way sending all to you attached to an email Titled "Problems From Australia"

Playing EDCE game on steam.. got words... EXIT FATAL ERROR #PLAYER 5, and something about finding LATEST LOG IN AREA WHERE DATA FILES ARE STORED.. where does steam save this on my computer??

Noticing when using map that comes with game... AI Enemy only ever used INF????? Why is this so?? I expect to se a few tanks and aircraft by now after 500 turns!.

I must be 10 to 15 hours into various games of EDCE.. Various games because I have different concepts I want to try with in the game.. I am Really Enjoying it. Like all things eg Walking. it takes time and patience. Having corresponded with MOK for many years  (I am in Australia) I am in the know he wouldn't produce something that wasn't workable. YES its  a Daunting game at first with all them buttons and a very much Mouse Click Game....... BUT its still a great game. Hours pass too Quickly and I find my self crawling into bed late at night so I don't awake the "Superior Commander" and have to explain why I am so late.
EDEE is on the shelf for the time being... I have a new concept to learn and more importantly Master!

Thanks MOK!!

Very daunting at first but takes time. I am playing on the map provided... A Great Game.. but getting a fair kicking in the arse with the enemy only using INF?? 10 hours of play so far..... 

Yes, I am using the map provided with the game.. I am using all military units but the enemy is kicking my arse just using Infantry?? Even my tanks drop dead when attacking INF.. AND my tanks are full strength???? 

Must be the recruits of today .. need their mummy!!

Love the Range Patern for Arty and Battle Wagons of the Sea.. Excellent system.

Got It!! and done my first reaction report.

After waiting for this game; finally down loading it and getting to play it, I finally got to think about it. I first started with a similar game called OVERLORD for the TANDY CoCo TRS-80 way back in about 1985. Then when I went to IBM Compatible Computer aka today's PC; I saw in a magazine EMPIRE DELUXE Masters Edition. I couldn't catch public transport into ADELAIDE, South Australia fast enough when I found a copy of EDME for sale and reserved for me!!This I still have in its original box. Then from EDME I graduated to EDEE. Now hope I get the name correct OBLIVION did a data base called ULTRA DB. THIS is the data base I play with now in EDEE. 

EDCE, after playing EDEE with ULTRA DB, is a step backwards it seems on first play. BUT like the Creator says, there is room for improvement for the NAVY, ARMY and AIR FORCE in the future. This is why I am playing EDCE now... for the time now there is a whole lot of commands to learn and click and a parcel of other things to this EDCE. In the near future there will be a data base like Ultra DB THEN the wars will really start. 
So don't be dishearten if you are the same as me in what we have been playing before. Getting use to a new concept is always daunting - but gets easier with time. And knowing Killer Bee, and MOK , EDCE will be looking Great for sure.

Salisbury here... we need to talk over a meal at St Kilda Pub and talk tactics (my wife will be bored but I will give her 10 $1.00 coins and she can amuse herself!!

Thanks mate.... another question with we be able to use UltraDB on EDCE?? No hurry, as EDEE never ever wears out for me..

I have many many games in my collection .. but always seem to drift back to EDEE ... Bloody addictive game it is for sure!

Can't wait to play game.. got a read bad Itch to do so!!!!

23NOV2017 .. Paid my money plus an extra for developement .. But I am failing to see where the EDCE is downloadable. Is in not down loadable yet as still being developed or in my olf age missed a button somewhere to down load this game. No Problems if still being developed as I am sure being the grandchild of EMPIRE DELUXW MASTERS EDITION it will be well worth waiting for.

Ron from Adelaide South Australia... 

any other Aussie players out there??