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Fantastic Arcade Bundles - only downloads one game

A topic by Stoa created Nov 26, 2017 Views: 88 Replies: 1
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Using the itch browser I cannot select more than one game to download at a time, the 5 or so games are there but you can only select one.

After it's downloaded you can Launch, reinstall or check for updates... Launch loads up the one game downloaded.

If i download the game via a normal browser I can't figure out how to add the game to the itch brower library.

Thanks in advance

Admin (1 edit)

Sorry, it's not possible right now from the app! The way they are hosting their bundle isn't how we intended bundles to be done (we have a separate bundle system). We know this is an issue though so hopefully a future version of the app will address it in some way. 

It's not possible to add a game you downloaded from the browser into the app. This is because the app has to track all the game files for managing update, installation and integrity status.