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BOH - not working on OS X 11.3.1

A topic by killersquirel created Sep 19, 2021 Views: 142 Replies: 5
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I originally bought BOH back in 2009 from a post on Atariage. I loved the game then and I am glad that I found you on You have quickly moved up on my list of favorite game devs and I love your amiga and c64 games as well. I repurchased BOH (It was worthy of a repurchase) and noticed that it doesn't boot on the new version of OS X 11.3.1. Hoping that this can be fixed. Thanks for all of your great games!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks a lot for the kind words and the re-purchase! I'm really happy that you like BOH to the point of returning to it even after so many years - and buying it again, even! I hope you'll manage to enjoy the latest version, which, being the result of 10 years of free updates, is much better and richer than the 2009 edition.

Regarding the technical problem: BOH is a 32-bit application and, as far as I know, Apple dropped 32-bit applications support with MacOS 10.15 (see here); I guess that it's what the issue boils down to. Unfortunately, I can't afford to support also platforms that break compatibility (on top of that, after those 10 years of continued development, BOH is now really a closed project). Maybe there's a way to run old applications (I'm not a MacOS user, so I don't know)? Like, for example, DOSBox to run MS-DOS applications on modern Windows systems.

Out of curiosity: given that you had already bought the game, you were entitled to download it from here as well; didn't you get a key code with the original purchase?

Thanks for the quick response. I have other computers to run this one on, so it isn't that much of an issue. To answer your question, I do have the product key on an external hard drive somewhere and I am not sure what happened to the physical CD as I moved out of state and not everything made the move. I have purchased Skillgrid and MAH recently and I really enjoy them. I also downloaded Quod Init Exit  I and IIm, Memo, and Follix and really dig your style. You are up there with Jeff Minter in that I will now seek out the new games that you make. I didn't mind purchasing BOH again as I want to encourage you to keep making games. Thanks for the entertainment and I am looking forward to the new Skillgrid update and any future games that you do.


Cool that you can play the game on other computers :) That said - this is something that occurred to me only once in bed - maybe you could still get it to run on your Mac with Wine (in the past, I did try the Windows version on various Linux machines at it ran just perfectly).

I'm glad you still have the original personal code. If one day you want/need to get the corresponding download link here on, just go to (BOH landed on only several years after its initial release, so the original codes need to be "converted" first).

I can't thank you enough for your kind words. It's a great satisfaction to read that you enjoy unusual and complex games like SkillGrid and MAH, and, of course, that you like my games in general :)

I can't wait myself to release the SkillGrid update, but that one last technical hurdle mentioned in the update details is really hard to overcome.

Unfortunately Wine only goes to OS X 10.8 and not the newer version 11.3. Hopefully Wine will be updated and thanks for the suggestion. 


Sorry, I didn't know I was proposing as a solution something that's basically affected by a similar problem!