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Unfortunately Wine only goes to OS X 10.8 and not the newer version 11.3. Hopefully Wine will be updated and thanks for the suggestion. 

Thanks for the quick response. I have other computers to run this one on, so it isn't that much of an issue. To answer your question, I do have the product key on an external hard drive somewhere and I am not sure what happened to the physical CD as I moved out of state and not everything made the move. I have purchased Skillgrid and MAH recently and I really enjoy them. I also downloaded Quod Init Exit  I and IIm, Memo, and Follix and really dig your style. You are up there with Jeff Minter in that I will now seek out the new games that you make. I didn't mind purchasing BOH again as I want to encourage you to keep making games. Thanks for the entertainment and I am looking forward to the new Skillgrid update and any future games that you do.

I originally bought BOH back in 2009 from a post on Atariage. I loved the game then and I am glad that I found you on You have quickly moved up on my list of favorite game devs and I love your amiga and c64 games as well. I repurchased BOH (It was worthy of a repurchase) and noticed that it doesn't boot on the new version of OS X 11.3.1. Hoping that this can be fixed. Thanks for all of your great games!

This is great news and looks like it will be an awesome update.