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A topic by IMakeBadGames created Nov 21, 2017 Views: 115 Replies: 7
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This is a very simple, and free browser game. But I need Feedback. Desperately. Anything would help, changes to color scheme, level design, block functionality, anything!

thanks, here is the link:


Did you rename the game in the mean time? Because that link yields a 404 error, and the only game on your profile is Cube Rain.

its drafted. you can't play it?


I can't reach it.

My bad! it's up now!

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The game doesn't even start on Firefox, it display scrollbars in Chromium, and what you wrote in the description is going to put off a lot of people. Otherwise, nice concept for a puzzle game. The slow-moving arrows might annoy some players, but that's a nitpick. (Edit: and of course better looks will help, but that can be added later.)

Out of curiosity, what's it made with?

GameMaker Studio 2. I don't think its a good engine so i'm trying to find others

i just tried playing it on FireFox. It worked fine? I think the Firefox problem's one with you. I'l remove the scrollbars. Thanks!