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Side action buttons on the game page are missing

A topic by tamarub created Sep 18, 2021 Views: 122 Replies: 2
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Hey, I'm new to

I couldn't find a way to add these (attached image for clarity) buttons to my game page: "View all by", "Rate this game", "Related games".

What am I missing?

I've tried searching a post about it here, and also tried contacting the support by email but didn't get an answer yet.

Attached is a screenshot from another user with the buttons that I want:



"Rate this game" only shows up when other people are looking at your game. I do see it on yours.

I think "View all" only appears after you have more than one game for people to view.

"Related games" seems to vary from game to game. It might be that it only appears when's site algorithms think they can make a good guess about what's related.


Got it, thanks!!

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