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What is the bare minimum that my game should include? (Credits, options, EULA, etc.)

A topic by MadManMike created Nov 21, 2017 Views: 229 Replies: 3
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Hey all,

Totally new to's developer circle.  I'm gonna hopefully upload my first 'released' project before the year is out (alpha state) but want to know what should the game have as standard?

I already have a (very ugly) menu and a few levels.  But I have no sound, music, credits or EULA.  As this is a sort of 'pre-alpha' are any of these necessary at this stage?  As for the page itself, is there anything that is really 'necessary'?

Please note that I'm teaching myself GameDev, and am not part of a company.  Therefore protecting myself legally is something that is contributing to my reluctance to 'pull the trigger' on uploading this janky/derpy build.

I would love to hear form you all on this subject.

Thanks for reading this far.  Have a great day.


Heck, I don't even have a proper name yet!


For the page itself, you need cover art, an informative description and a couple of screenshots. The game can be an early/development version, nobody minds as long as you're honest about it. Of course, the more polished it is, even at an early stage, the better an impression it will make. At a minimum, I would add a title screen, especially if it's a realtime game, but that's just me.

As for choosing a name, it's a good idea to do it early, because changing it later will break links from elsewhere to your game page, but also because having a name will make it easier to talk about it (and also to think about it). But choosing good names is tricky.


Many thanks NoTimeToPlay,
Already brainstorming ideas for names.  Cover art might be an issue, but thankfully the artstyle of the game is minimalist, so that makes things easier.
Appreciate the reply and advice.  Very useful ;)