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Cubic Getaway

A topic by Flyinglegends_Studio created Nov 21, 2017 Views: 57
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Actually I did this game a long time ago, but I never posted a "release announcement". So I'll do it now.

Cubic getaway is a small game where you have to escape and try to find keys to proceed to the next dungeon. When you have nothing better to do, you can play this game, relax and try to beat your high-score.


  • Entertaining - You won't get bored fast.
  • Relaxing... (Or maybe not. I don't know. Try and see.)
  • Exciting action! (But wasn't it supposed to be relaxing? Well... maybe it's both.)
  • Good if you have nothing else to do.
  • Beat your high-score! - How many dungeon levels will you pass?

There are two modes: Level mode and Time mode. I recommend level mode, because it has high-scores and it is more finished. But both are playable.

Play this game here:

And here is a video: