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[Composer][Musician][Sound] looking for interesting project to contribute to

A topic by Conciliator created Nov 21, 2017 Views: 433 Replies: 7
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Hello, I am an amateur musician, composer, and music producer that would love to be a part of a indie game production.  I have a soundcloud below where you can hear some of my music and see some of the things that influence and inspire me.  I'm much more interested at the moment in just getting involved in a cool project than making money.  I love games big and small, and I love many indie/amateur games like Yume Nikki, Anatomy, matt thorson games like An Untitled Story, Flail; VVVVVV, Space Funeral, Knytt, Dwarf Fortress and many, many more.  I have played games heavily since the early 90s and cut my teeth on the SNES and late 90s PC games likes Fallout, Diablo, Deus Ex, Baldur's Gate 1/2 and Jagged Alliance 2.

I would be completely jazzed to be part of a more experimental, surrealist or abstract project; or a light-hearted  or straightforward gameplay-focused  game.  If you listen to my music and think I would be capable of making something that would be cool for your project,  please hit me up.   I would also try sound effect design, that would be new for me, but I love synths, sound chips, and the details of video games sound effects, especially from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras.

You can post here if you want to, or you can use my soundcloud, twitter, or Steam below if you like.  I'm pretty much always on Steam.  I would also be willing to share personal e-mail for any serious inquiries.  Thank you to anyone who checks out my music regardless.

Hello, I have several new tracks and have redone the mixing on others.  Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read my post and listen to my music.  I make music in a variety of styles and moods, I try to use non-typical sounds and make every song unique.  Hit me up!


Hey, I'm currently working on a game jam and I'm looking for a composer to make several short pieces of music. I posted a screenshot of the game I'm working on in the jam's community forum If you would be interested to see the game in motion, I have a playable build I can share.

I listened to your tracks on SoudCloud and I like the variety. I have a vague idea about what music would fit my project, but I'm all for experimentation and trying different stuff to see how it would work.

Sure, that sounds very interesting!  You can send me the playable build.  I will send you my personal e-mail in a message.


Hello, I recently finished working on Kamil's game 'Kosmos Below' and I am looking for a new project.  You can hear my music in Kamil's game and also hear new songs I've made recently by visiting my soundcloud.  If you'd like to consider hiring me for a project, hit me up.  I am an amateur producer and I work for low rates, all I ask is you let my work speak for itself when considering my worth.  I am willing to negotiate depending on the project.  I am interested in experimental, abstract,  or transgressive projects as well as simple or gameplay-focused games.  Thanks for listening to my music.

Hi, I'm working on a video game project on Mars, I can't offer money at the moment, but I suppose you'd appreciate it very much to join the project and in credits put your name and your website. 

Kind regards.

Hello Yue, you can message me on soundcloud or twitter and we can discuss.  I am hoping for some amount of compensation for custom work but if there's a track on my soundcloud you particular like maybe we can work something out.

Hello, I just recently finished work on a game on, for The Bitter End, and I'm looking for a new project.  Hit me up in this thread or my Soundcloud.  I am open-minded to unusual, abstract, or extreme projects.