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The Conflux Story - An atmospheric adventure

A topic by chasingsyzygies created Nov 21, 2017 Views: 170 Replies: 2
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The Conflux Story is a pixelated, atmospheric adventure game about a love triangle, a lost guitar, and the daring sewer expedition that recovered the latter and shattered the former.

An object of immeasurable sentimental value has been lost. It now lies far below you, at the heart of a pitch black labyrinth filled with terrible things. And you aren't the only one interested in finding it. An old rifle and a strange dog will be your only companions on this suicidal recovery mission that any rational person would call hopeless.

Get the game here!

Thanks for clicking and thanks for reading!! Best of luck down there... people tend not to believe what others say they saw in the dark.


Looks cool, I put the game up on the homepage. You might want to consider making the text on the game page a little lighter to help boost the contrast and make it easier to read. Thanks for sharing.

It's an honor!! Thank you so much and for the tip about the text