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Bumping a pull request

A topic by thewordnerd created 6 days ago Views: 44
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Hey folks,

I'm a blind screen reader user wanting to make the app more accessible. Right now it works well enough, but there are lots of <div>s and <span>s with no accessibility information attached. I went through and set a bunch of roles that make the app far more discoverable for screen reader users. I also enhanced progress bars so download progress is spoken, and added landmarks to make it easier to jump between the main browser area, featured download, game actions, etc.

The PR can be found here: One thing I'm having trouble with is that I don't know how to replace the string key names with their actual translated values. I haven't found documentation on that anywhere, and nothing I've done seems to get that working.

Also, in general, is there a better way to get PRs reviewed a bit more quickly? Steam is about as inaccessible as a platform can get while still remaining barely useful, so as a blind game creator, I want Itch to succeed. I'd like to attempt to add other features--creating desktop shortcuts for installed games on Windows, for instance--and want to make sure I know how to get that work reviewed.