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Hey folks,

I'm a blind screen reader user wanting to make the app more accessible. Right now it works well enough, but there are lots of <div>s and <span>s with no accessibility information attached. I went through and set a bunch of roles that make the app far more discoverable for screen reader users. I also enhanced progress bars so download progress is spoken, and added landmarks to make it easier to jump between the main browser area, featured download, game actions, etc.

The PR can be found here: One thing I'm having trouble with is that I don't know how to replace the string key names with their actual translated values. I haven't found documentation on that anywhere, and nothing I've done seems to get that working.

Also, in general, is there a better way to get PRs reviewed a bit more quickly? Steam is about as inaccessible as a platform can get while still remaining barely useful, so as a blind game creator, I want Itch to succeed. I'd like to attempt to add other features--creating desktop shortcuts for installed games on Windows, for instance--and want to make sure I know how to get that work reviewed.


Replied to you on Discord already, but if anyone else encounters this, Windows 8.1 is probably the minimum supported version. Sorry.

Thanks! I'm putting this week into an update I'll push post-jam that already has some cool features, and I'll definitely give an extra life per level or something.

I'll also probably just strike the announcements. I agree that they're distracting, particularly since the rooms are more or less identical. I'll think about replacing them, though I kind of want to let the soundscape speak for itself.

I appreciate the feedback!

Sorry, I've removed the Linux version due to not having time to test it. If you want, you can try building from source here: Sounds like you may not have OpenAL libraries installed?

Cool, now I'm definitely getting 25.4.6, which runs on Electron 10. I can't pass the `--force-renderer-accessibility` Chromium flag, though. I've tried passing it to the kitch binary in ~/.kitch, as well as to the binary located in the versioned app subdirectory. Any chance you might support letting us pass in that flag?


Hey folks,

Looking at the Itch repository, it seems like a new 25.4.1 canary build may have been released recently. Is there any way to install this under Linux?

I'm blind, and Electron wasn't accessible under Linux until relatively recently (7.1 or so.) As shipped, I think the Itch app uses an ancient Electron that I can't use at all. But canary seems to be more recent, and should be workable.

I tried `itch-setup --app=kitch` or something similar, don't have the command line reference handy right now. That got me an even older version, and when I google how to install canary builds, I see something older than 25.4 as an option on the build servers.

As an aside, any idea when builds based on newer Electron will be promoted to stable? I don't normally geek out over apps using the latest and greatest frameworks, but in this case it really does make or break my ability to use the app at all. I also don't know if you're gating command line flags passed to Electron, but we'll need `--force-renderer-accessibility` allowed at least until Electron 11. I'm about to release a blind-friendly Linux game, and would love for my users to be able to run it in the Canary client if possible. Stable would be better, of course, but I don't want to rush it.