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Feature requests

A topic by Kenney created Feb 16, 2016 Views: 719 Replies: 17
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Developer (Edited 1 time)

Request features (or report bugs) to be added in GameGO (see the development board for planned updates).

Quick List of wishes :D

- Screenshots (Like Steams functionality, but one that works also without Steam)
- Integration with Freewareportals, to search, download and install games
- Friendlist

If I can think of something else, I will let you know ;)


Thanks, great ideas! Added them to the main list.


A search function. Using a single keypress, you can bring up a search bar and type the name of the game/software you're looking for.


Good plan, added!

Good point... my Library is about 1300 Titles, and usually around 100 of them installed. Easier to find what I'm looking for :)


i think that it would be cool if when you took a screenshot in a game, it would appear in the backgrounds folder, so that gamego would display your screenshots in the background. just a suggestion though, it might be impossible!


Yeah, that could be something that can be added to the 'screenshot' feature in general. Basically it would save all screenshots to a folder, and in the configuration it could be turned on or off whether that folder should be taken in account when selecting a random background.

Any specific requirement for the animated/interactive SWF banner? I tried to insert mine for a games, but it always force close right away.

SWF in question: LINK


Hm, shouldn't be. Is the SWF using any ActionScript 2.0? Unfortunately, only ActionScript 3.0 is supported. Make sure the banner stays within its bounds, to be extra sure you can create a mask with the exact size of the stage and apply it like so;

stage.mask = myMask.

I'm already using ActionScript 3. I found out that after removing my script (for tweening image), I can load the swf just fine.
But even when it loaded, the image is all scretched out. Looks like there's problem with GameGo scaling mechanism for swf. Eventhough I'm masking the content (stage.mask is not available I'm afraid) inside a MovieClip, it always detect overall size of the image inside the swf.

My feedback:

  1. Is there any restriction when using script to tweening the image dynamically? (I'm using TweenMax from Greenshock in this instance). It seems the app always Force Close when I try to use it. I have tested that Flash native Tween class is ok to use, but is not powerful enough for my needs.
  2. I think you need to remove scaling check for loaded swf (or at least masking them within GameGo individually). I don't think there are any method to completely clip the swf content based on it's stage size. If it's loaded in other SWF, it will always detect overall asset size inside the swf.

Ok, I have workaround with scaling problem by adding the animation MovieClip after 1 frame delay. It seems the GameGo will detect the swf size correctly if there's nothing on the stage at the beginning.

I also sticking on using the Timeline to manually tween my banner. Not the most preferred way for me as programmer, but it do the trick :

How about clicking on a game tile brings up more information about the game such as a short description, screenshots, and box art. I think that would be a great option to have.

Agree with this idea. Player can press enter on a game tile to show up the games detail page first, before pressing enter again to play the games (or Esc/Back to return to games list).

Agree with this option for an additonal screen with fanart, more info and box art, etc

My requests:

- Square art (PS4 style) option as opposed to steam size art

- Change colour of selection box, fonts, etc


The new (HTML5) version of GameGO will have a lot more customization options, next to changing colors in the config.ini file you'd be able to edit the HTML/CSS files for really the ultimate customization you'd get.


Yep that's a planned feature, I've been looking into online game databases which could be scanned.

Would love a 4:3 screen support :).