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[Art 2d] Looking for 2d artist

A topic by Kpded created Nov 18, 2017 Views: 143
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Hi! I'm looking for 2d artist to help me with the visuals of my project - simple maze brain-teaser planned to release on HTML5, Android and iOS

The game is about a hamster in a sphere looking for an exit in a maze with movable walls and other dangerous stuff (e.g. fans and electric arcs)

Link to prototype

At the moment there are only 9 levels showing key mechanics that I plan for implementation

Since I'm absolutely dumb in art I'd like to give the artist an absolute creative freedom in all the visuals of the game: style and graphics, animation and visual part of UI

Details on required art assets (preliminary and under discussion):

  • overall style should be cartoony and bright

  • two sets of assets are required: high-resolution for tablets and desktop (size of main character sprite 80x80), low-resolution for smartphones (size of main character sprite 50x50)

  • I can work with Inkscape so I would prefer vector graphics (but raster is also okay)

If you are interested and:

  • like the prototype and game idea

  • have ideas on how to enhance the game graphics

  • ready to connect via skype on a daily basis

please e-mail me at or response in this thread.

About money. I'd like to work under revenue-share agreement. Some fixed fee is possible and under discussion

About me. I'm specializing on programming: Phaser (JavaScript framework), kivy (Python), HaxeFlixel (Haxe). I can create some graphics in Inkscape. My released games:

I've worked on these games with freelancers. But I'd like to change the approach since freelancers are not interested in result and I can't adequately asses the quality of artwork before all the game art assets and mechanics are joint together. What takes time and can't be done right now while freelancer waiting for cash transfer