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Loco - A 2D Musical Platformer (Demo)

A topic by MegaSloth created Nov 15, 2017 Views: 193 Replies: 1
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Loco is a 2D Platformer set in a vibrant world with a Lovecraftian foundation. We've drawn inspiration from early Disney cartoons, Aztec and Mayan culture and the Cthulu Mythos to create a world that has a colourful and bright surface, with dark and twisted roots


  • Smooth responsive 2D platforming including Wall Jumping.
  • Dynamic Music System
  • Hand Drawn Custom Art and Animation
  • Original Score inspired by Mariachi
  • Deep and Mysterious Plot evolving over the course of the game.
  • Physics based puzzles and environmental traps.
  • Free form run and gun combat system.
  • Unique follower collection mechanics, gather your band and they'll follow you to the ends of the earth.
  • Lovecraftian Foundation.
  • Dynamic Lighting and Environments.

Dynamic Music System:

Loco incorporates a dynamic music system that develops the main score as you attract more followers.

At the start of each level you will only have access to a simple guitar track, giving you a basic ambient score. Each Follower you collect brings more instruments to the track, eventually giving you access to the full Theme at around the mid point of the level. The idea is that as the intensity of the level increases, so too will the music, and finding those additional instruments provides extra incentive to explore.

Composed By Richard Evans -

Our first project:

Starting as a learning environment for two friends 5 months ago, Loco began development as a way to learn how to create games and implement assets. As development progressed, we began to see more merit in the concept, which led us to develop the playable first level and tutorial that is now available.

We're still new to the whole development process, and are aware that Loco is far from perfect, so any feedback you can give us to help make the game better would be greatly appreciated. 

If there's enough interest following our demo, we would love to move into full development and continue to expand the Loco Universe, so let us know if this is something you would like to see.


Currently only available on PC, though we are working on a MAC build.


Social Media Links:

Our Twitter:

Our Facebook Page:

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  • Testing new iteration of combat mechanics - more free-form consistent shooting with a more central and satisfying effect. (Out in latest build)
  • Complete Colour Grade to ensure visuals are deeper, richer, and more visually stimulating. (Out in latest build)
  • Reworking Final Cinematic to flow better and function more consistently, adding more player interaction to ensure it is more engaging. (Out Friday)
  • Adding Road Block - Collection of all 5 Followers is now required to progress into Rope Bridge section: (Out Friday)

This is to allow for a more complex and clean cinematic at the end, while encouraging players to explore the multiple paths available in the first area. We'd love to hear feedback on this as we're unsure as to whether it hampers the player experience.

  • Audio Re balancing - Several issues were raised over waterfall volume, these are being adjusted so as to be less intense. (Out Friday)