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A Chill, Survival, Foraging, Hunting, Exploring, Shooting, Pixel Art Game. · By JustWall

Thoughts and Ideas... Sticky

A topic by JustWall created Nov 15, 2017 Views: 146 Replies: 3
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This is the place to tell me your opinions and ideas for the game.  I would love some general feedback around the game.

Hey Mark!  Just played Earl Grey.  Here are my thoughts

  • 5/5, would get lost in a grey pixel art forest again!
  • The art is great.  Stellar.
  • The shades of grey really accentuate the animal blood's bright red.  Good thought!
  • The "push C for cabin direction" is a total game-changer.  There is no need for a mini-map or a menu map!  What an elegant solution to a classic problem.
  • The music/ambient sound seemed significantly softer than everything else on my PC.
  • Could've used more animals, since you need the meat for so much: energy, upgrading the gun level, and clearing the debris. 
  • I don't know how upgrading the gun helped me, but by god I did it.  Do the deer die in 2 shots on level 2 instead of 4 shots on level 1?
  • A save feature would've been nice.  I played quite a while and felt like I'd "invested" some time in, but I got bored looking for meat that I couldn't find so I quit for the night.  Lack of a save makes me less likely to go back and play again.
  • I would've liked the ability to walk faster--maybe when your energy is full?  If that's already happening, I couldn't tell.  I felt a little slow.
  • I'm really impressed that you did ALL of this as a one-man team.  Way to work and congrats on releasing a kick-butt game!

Wow! Thanks a million for the great feedback.  I'm glad you enjoyed my little game.  It has its rough edges, yet I am very proud of it as a one person team.  The feedback you provided makes my day and is very constructive.  I can answer some questions:

The Gun Level:
Each level you do more damage. Off the top of my head I think it is 4 shots to kill a deer on level 1 yet only 2 on level 2. Level 5 is the cap.

Believe me - I want a save.  It was my first time working with GMS2 and I laid the whole game out and when I went to add the built in save, loading the game again literally broke all the depths on the instances making all the menus behind the player etc?  I will need to build out a save function from the ground up and refactor the way some of the variables are setup.  Bla Bla Bla Dev talk, yet it has made me super sad to not get it implemented as it is 1000% needed for the game.

I had it implemented in the early stages of the game.  Would be cool to have a reason to use energy and also you could get more hungry after running a lot.  All ideas.  I might revisit this.

I'm really happy with your kind words here.  I have seen you on my Twitter feed.  I will continue to check out your work there.  I'm pretty relaxed around game making and sometimes use it almost therapeutically.  Life is Short = Be Creative !

Thanks my Friend :)

Good thoughts and explanations.  Thanks for going into it and helping us understand your thinking!