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50% Off Star Plantation Now Out On Itch

A topic by Kando Corp created Nov 07, 2017 Views: 122 Replies: 2
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Star Plantation

Star Plantation is a unique and exciting exploration farming game! Set foot on a vast planet and farm, craft and explore your way to becoming one of the best Star Plantations.

Working for the evil overlord company Ever-Systems Ltd you will be responsible for turning the planet into the most profitable business it can be. Along the way using the Ever-Systems Ltd Hyper Space Market you will collect resources, grow your own plants, hunt creatures and more importantly give them hugs in this wild exploration game.

Creatures eat many of the resources on the planet but it is up to you to discover which ones they like and which ones may or may not get them hunting you down for their next meal.

Join Our Community!

Pre-order the game now and get instant acess to the Alpha and Beta builds and join our community of Star Plantations.

Want more? Join in our livestreams over at Twitch where you can discuss the game features with the developers and let us know what you want to see next!


Yes of course there are bugs in the game and we are working towards solving as many as we can while providing more and more content. If you encounter a bug please let us know when and where so we can work towards a fix for it.

Links! Link

Star Plantation Site


Right now as we have just moved over from using the humble store and our own site to using itch more we are celebrating with a 50% off this week!

Thanks everyone for checking it out.


Looks like an interesting game, I put it up on the homepage. Thanks for sharing

Woah! Thanks Leafo, it's much appreciated. Hope you enjoy it! 

Were already hard at work at the next set of patches and fixes.