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Dimension Interlopers - Invaders Remastered!

A topic by Albert created Nov 07, 2017 Views: 71
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This is basically a Space Invaders game with some added features and improved graphics that I made in a week and a half. 

The features include a new mode called "Caos" where all the aliens bounce in every direction instead of the classic alignment. You also have 3 special weapons that help you fight against these aliens which become much harder to beat every level.

*This game supports Xbox Controllers  and is available for download in your PC, Mac or Linux.

DI Title

Some of the aliens

I wanted to focus on Particle Systems that is why I have chosen the classic Space Invaders for testing. While developing the game I thought adding some different features would be a great idea so it's not a complete clone.

I'm currently learning how to make games this of course is a real challenge as I alone develop every asset except for the music, any comments or donations you could share will surely make me improve :)

Have fun!