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Error Ware 2 Demo now available on!

A topic by U-GameZ created Feb 10, 2016 Views: 208
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Hi, my name is Mc Jey from U-GameZ and I just added a demo for my upcoming game "Error Ware 2"!

It has been on IndieDB as well, but I have to say I like this site a little better (so far) :)

It´s a colorful party game ála Wario Ware, where you have just seconds to figure out what to do in many different minigames.


The demo is for Windows and can be played with mouse & keyboard, a gamepad or even a Wii Remote!

I´m working on it for alomost 3 years now in Gamemaker 8.1 (I know, tried to import the project in Studio, but it´s not very compatible...) I hope I can get it done in 2016!

The game on

Trailer on YouTube