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Journey of The Scroll [RPG][IGMC2017]

A topic by Tofu Sheets Visual created Nov 06, 2017 Views: 93
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"Upon orders of The Queen, a young mechanic named Marvin is sent out on a journey to find the legendary Heroine who will aid his journey in delivering an important scroll to The Other Kingdom, ruled by The Red Headed King. Unfortunately, this "Heroine" is quite the chore to get along with due to her pride and arrogance, delaying their mission. With the help of his Queen's loyal Scholar and a mysterious, gorgeous fairy... will Marvin and his crew successfully complete his mission before they lose their sanity?"

- Story-driven RPG, so lots of dialogue!
- Approximately an hour of gameplay
- While not everything, a lot of inanimate objects can be interacted with
- Sprinkles of voice acting on some event cutscenes
- 3 possible endings
- MV's Side-View Battle System
- My usual odd brand of humour and storytelling
- References linking to our previous RPG

This was a fun and hectic ride.... while a bit of a trainwreck, we made it for the contest! I do hope to make it the game it was meant to be in Version 2 (as I wanted fully voiced cutscenes rather than partial) but either way, this was fun and I began to love the story more and more I made it. Plus it is my first RPG with multiple endings.