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Flexible and Loose Instrument for Narrative Gaming · By cmartins


A topic by TheGiftOfGabes created Aug 22, 2021 Views: 123 Replies: 5
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The system is minimal, direct, versatile and low prep. It's an OSR game too and the design is inspiring. Also, props for that character sheet. It's well laid out enough you can understand most of the game without reading the rules.


Many thanks for your feedback =)
Glad you liked it. If you ever run a game, let me know how it went

I honestly think this is the best submisssion to the Jam. I will use Fling as my new go to narrative OneShot RPG.

Small thing: I am not a native speaker so maybe I am mistaken. But on the sheet you write specie.. isn't it species?


omg, thank you :D

Use FLING at will and share with us the result. I would love to see it.
In the other community post I've shared some resources (it could be usefull).

Yup, you're right about the typo - I will create a 1.2 version next week with small corrections (I'm not a native speaker either).

Maybe a thread for typos and corrections could be useful. I would also have name/pronouns instead of just name. 


I've just created the topic for typos and corrections. I haven't had time to address the one you and 'shadom86' found though.

I'll do it next week (and the review of your game ;) - it's not forgotten - sorry for the delay).