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one of the prettiest postcards I've seen. Can't wait to try this gem

Thank you for your kind words. If you try the game, tell me how it went.

Regarding the coins: I knew I could use coins as tokens, so I measure them before creating the board. Then I created tiles with the desired size.

Thank you for hosting this awesome jam =). A pleasure to be part of this event

Oh boy, thank you so much for the review. It means a lot to me =')
Feel free to develop that bookmark idea. 

nice AI prompts

Looks amazing. I'm going to print this one and I'll let you know how it went

Thank you so much =)

You don't have to say anything. I mean... you already did when you created that game. So, keep them coming :D More gamzzzz RatGrrrl

It remember me of this one [Baron Munchausen] I played with a friends years ago (it has a special place in my heart).

The simplicity you use to put everything together is amazing! I will try your game for sure, next time I'm around a campfire =)

This is a brilliant masterpiece.

The 12 words combined (just on their own) may not make you feel something... but THEN you realize this is not "just 12 words" put together... this is a real struggle and there is a huge effort behind it.

Thanks for sharing this document and for putting yourself out here.
Hope every Ratgirl escapes from their trauma!

Thank you so much! Game designers are doing a awesome job in this jam - so much creativity going on. A lot of different stuff is being made. Can't wait to see more. 

Thank you. Which one do you prefer?
My first one was the classical dungeon crawler (but yours is way better - love it).

One of my favs in this jam.
OOOH The character sheets are suberb.
As soon as I saw them I imagined 2 columns (each with 6 words) and you would cross the words and bam - new classes in 12 words (eg: Anticapitalist Mage / Moon Punk / Rebel Druid / Sword Lighter) 

same here.

but the game is amazing - a lot of fun :D

Thank you =)
Hope you play them all. Let me know if  you have a favorite.

*me watching the video* What do you mean by "I'm not a game designer"? pfff this is awesome. Keep up the good work

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Awww It means a lot coming from you . You know... you were the one who inspired me to do more than one, actually - I loved your entry.
I don't consider myself a talented person when it comes to writing - specially in english, since it's not my native language - But glad you like it :D

The consistency through all the games is amazing. I specially enjoyed the "Constellations of Loss"

Thank you so much for the kind words

Thank you for your concern regarding the fair price. And a mega THANK YOU for the $upport. 
It's hard to put a price on it... and even harder to make a good profit from pdf sales (without  advertising or a marketing team). I kinda gave up on revenue - this is basically a way of sharing the personal work done in spare time. Every contribution, comment or share is very appreciated.

I think you're absolutely right!
Love the suggestions. I'll consider those for sure - on the next update the region will have a name :D   

Sweet, thank you for the shutout and honesty. 

Many thanks.
Not sure if I'll do another one - to be honest, most of my itchio work turns out to be a "waste of time" (or at least feels a lot like it).
I was thinking about an adventure site, or a detail in the map.

thank so much ^^
glad you liked it

thanks =)

I love the way your light/dark dice work. It's very different from the PAST and it deserves it's own thing like you did.

I didn't approach you for the credits - to be honest, there are so many artists and designers out there that it was most likely that we both thought of a similar solution. If we dig deeply enough we'll find more people with identical designs - mine was inspired in storycubes, like I mentioned - it's not super original either.

I didn't knew my worked inspired you, but I'm so glad it did.
Apologies accepted, don't worry. 

Thank you for the kind words. Let me know how it went when you give this map a try ;) 

thank you =)

I was just scroling through your amazing work and I've noticed we've just made a similar oracle. Well, check mine xD [link]

Cool display of resources and organization. It will be very handy. Thanks

I've created 2 versions of the files:
1) without borders - or zip file

2) with Hex Kit frame - or zip file

The tiles need to be renamed and centered - Maybe in September I'll do it and I'll proper upload it here - but for now just use those links. 

Hope it helps.

To give me credit - "" is enough thanks =)

Thanks for the kind words. When I did this tile set I was unaware of the Hex Kit. What happened is that my hex rotation is off (when compared to that software). 

I actually did a test with a tile - it worked, but it took me too much time... and I lost the motivation to do it because no one seemed to care about this project.

If you're willing to wait a few weeks, I can assemble it. Or let me know if you need any source file or something.

The Lamp idea is really great. Keep up the development. It seems promising =)

Just won the first 8 waves in my first attempt and I was really expecting for a second level. Wish you can develop it further because I love it!
For a game done in 48h it's just AMAZING! Thank you =)

Thanks. Hope it's useful ;)

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:) my pleasure. Hope it's useful

Lady Blackbird was one of the first indie RPGs I've tried years ago. Its character sheet has inspired me a lot to do my own games. I can't THANK YOU enough for this.

The map is great =)

Damn, not a single one was right... (well, at least I'm consistent ahah).
Thank you for pointing that out - typo corrected