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oh bummer... Got it. Thank you for taking the time to answer =) keep up the good work

Looks awesome. Thank you for sharing. Is it possible for you to share the settings or the main "shape"? I don't own procreate and I wish I could emulate a similar effect on other software.

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Pode ser um videojogo, claro. 

Nos anos 70 apareceram os primeiros videojogos. Estou certo que haveria muita coisa que a PIDE  poderia não gostar num "oregon trail".  Se quiseres manter a vibe dessa época, força. Ou então, imagina como seria se o 25 de Abril tivesse demorado mais 10 anos e o teu jogo coubesse numa disquete proibida... Ou se houvesse PIDE nos dias de hoje (e não ficas limitado aos gráficos).

O que importa é a Liberdade :)

Espero ter ajudado.

Looks very promising. It shows you put a lot of effort into it!
I'm looking forward to try this one =)

great tool =)

Obrigado pelas palavras de encorajamento =)

oooooh =') thank you for the shout-out

thank you for pointing that out.
I'll try to change that asap.

Feel free to take the discussion further. I'm not a social-media person, but I will gladly answer the best as I can (even if my english speech isn't the most articulated). 
Let me know when you do your thing  ;)

Thank you so much for sharing the ideas. Your appreciation and input is most welcomed.

I think removing a positive die from the roll has the same impact as the "automatic minus" that CrlBox suggested (my answer to their post wasn't there when you made your suggestion - my bad). I am not saying that's not okay, I just think it's creates difficult situations for the players.

About the blank skills:  You can use blank skills, you just have +0 bonus (you're not good at it).

In this game, skills were envisioned to be the same for all the players - things that everyone can do.  You define the skills, when you create the characters - and skills would end up defining the game you about to play. For instance if you're playing a dungeon crawler (where the characters hack and slash all the time) you won't use Charisma - maybe you'll end up with something like "Sword / Arrows / Magic / Silence / Resistance / Camp".  If you want to have unique abilities, write those in "resources" - let's suppose that Magic is not for everyone - then, you should replace it in the Skill section (by Armor, or something, idk) and only those who can use it, should write "Magic" in their Resource section (unlocking that ability and granting a re-roll). 

Hope this clarification helps. Feel free to drop any further questions =) 

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(sorry for taking so long to answer, but I missed the notification). I believe "auto minus" solution could lead to a downward spiral, like you also mentioned.

Let's imagine a player facing an obstacle of 2, with -2HP. To get a partial success they need:
A) + + on the dice roll  >>  3 dice (-2HP) VS -2
B) + + + + on the dice roll >> 5 dice VS -4 (-2HP)
both scenarios allow you to have a minus on a roll (if you have 1 skill point to ignore it) or a blank
I believe it's way harder to get B, and that's why I stayed with the A approach.

Your input is great. And I believe it suits the game perfectly, if you're playing an harder scenario, or a game with less rolls, or a game that allows you plenty of health recovery.

What do you think? Thanks for the discussion.

Beautiful :,)

Glad you like it :)

It's not quite like that. In 24 words it's difficult to explain... Let me try in the comments.

The skill only allows you to ignore negative dice - it doesn't grant you positive value. For instance, if you have a skill of 3, like you said, you can ignore 3 negative dice. But, you still need positive dice to succeed against an obstacle of 1 or 2. And that becomes harder with less dice.

It may not be the best solution... I'm open to suggestions. But I also wanted the dice to emulate HP or vitality - you become weaker as you lost.

What do you think?

Why haven't I seen this before? Looks amazing!

Simple but solid and effective.

The size is perfect for a business card! Just write the stuff on the back of the card.

Thank you for taking the time to let me know this.

 You just made my day! I'm so glad that these creations are useful to someone =)

Great question. I didn't thought  about it (in legal terms). I'll try to update it under the "freestuff" next week. If you can mention it somehow, I'll apreciate it, but yeah, you can use it for commercial projects.

This looks amazing!
I will print and play this babe in next weeks.

"smells like cabbages" is the best Bane ever xD

That room generator with pips is amazing!

Am I the only one who want's to use a Polearms instead of a fork, right now? 

Great Job

you're a beast! (in a good way). 
Other gamedesigners struggling to create a tool on a PDF
You: hold my beer >> app created

I'm not sure if I have the required brain power to make a good use of this tool... but wow, no one can deny you put a lot of effort on it! It's amazing *Mathgasm*

this is gold!

this is gold!

This is just amazing. 

great prompts :D
Thank you for sharing these

impressive! Straight to the point and no software dependency

impressive! Straight to the point and no software dependency

exactly my thought =)

Great idea! I'm a sucker for visual stuff - with some PnP tokens you would get an extra ton of downloads for sure

This project have met my download folder before the Jam. I really like the modular idea =)

Gorgeous stuff! Mad skills on design :D

For me, the idea of collab is more appealing than to do everything on your own as a GM. In the game session I ran, everyone loved to give their input (so they told me).

Thank you!
Yeah that was I was aiming for - reducing the GM prep, while giving agency to the players. Glad you like it. If you use it on your sessions, let me know how it went ;)

Thank you for the feedback. 
I just filled one side of the page, because I was aiming for a fast one-shot. More questions would take me more time...  But you totally have a point there ;) 
Secrets on the backside is a great idea! Inspiring someone to do a better thing is what I'm always aiming for - if you do you own stuff, let me know.

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This is an amazing tool!
Thank you for creating and sharing it

Thanks for letting me know =)
I've uploaded that information, added some tags and uploaded new links. Hope it helps.

Glad it worked for you :)

Feel free to share the result

one of the prettiest postcards I've seen. Can't wait to try this gem