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Complex SKY

Flippable city-factory building in the sky · By Momosundeass

good mechanics

A topic by klaus-woelkchen created Aug 18, 2021 Views: 100 Replies: 1
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Hey there! i like this game so far altough the goal of the game is not quite clear and the tutorial contains bad english and does not explain how to set up transport correctly (which i figured out through your "auto setup" button).
But it is confusing to have a world-inventory AND a storage inventory. And i miss the point in the tutorial where one transitions from hand-crafting to the production lines in buildings (i was trying to find the stone cloak recipie in the hand-crafting menu).

Still, I like the concept.

Developer (1 edit)

There will be some quest that guide player through main story and some tutorial In the Early Access version of the game 
for bad English and poorly explain game mechanic I will fix them in early access version as well