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does what the title says. its a nice little game.

negative feedback: 

aim is moving seemingly randomly. does this happen when one gets shot? also this massive regenerating armor makes this far too easy. i tried standing next to 6 enemies and it took 2 minutes for them to kill me. and where do i get extra ammo? after a while mine is just empty... also i expected more in this with the download being a gigabyte

Complex SKY community · Created a new topic good mechanics

Hey there! i like this game so far altough the goal of the game is not quite clear and the tutorial contains bad english and does not explain how to set up transport correctly (which i figured out through your "auto setup" button).
But it is confusing to have a world-inventory AND a storage inventory. And i miss the point in the tutorial where one transitions from hand-crafting to the production lines in buildings (i was trying to find the stone cloak recipie in the hand-crafting menu).

Still, I like the concept.

Thank you for your reply!

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I really like it but I cant refill my fuel... Am I doing anyting wrong by just going there and pressing "z" as it says? Maybe its because i played around a little with the inputs

Edit: And how do you get to the beach/shore? Do I need to crawl under the barrier? If so i cant.

Hey, can I support you in some way? You really deserve it.

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This is such a great game. I love its beautiful message.

and I would like more pogo stick action and coin-tossing in other games, too. :D 

and by the way, the non-violent approach with the spray is so creative and the alt is also very cool! I somehow didn't use the hammer mutch, because it was a bit unclear how to do the jump with it. since it was much easier with the pogo stick, I used it for most of the game.

and I absolutely love the soundtrack and the artstyle. keep it up!

wow thats so nice! i can see that implemented into a space-mining simulation game