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I'm currently working on demo and early access version on Steam both will be available soon

All known bugs will be fix in those version

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Thank for feedback

I already working on demo version for the Steam platform with lot of improvement including better tutorials and new game balance

Smaller resources required UI and what building can do stuff seem good I will add that in the demo as well

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There will be some quest that guide player through main story and some tutorial In the Early Access version of the game 
for bad English and poorly explain game mechanic I will fix them in early access version as well

Build Tool Warehouse

in the Early Access version will have tutorial guide player on how to increase foundation capacity

Wow thank you for your feedback and support the game

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There are highlighted area under mining facility when you select Utility Connector Module you can put it there and thank you for your feedback I will make it more visible and change some wording for that

Thank for the review.
Interactive tutorial will come eventually and achievement system will come along with STEAM Achievement.

Thank you for reviewing my game
the tutorial is very outdated give me sometime I will make it explain more clearly

Thank for your review, This review video give me a lot of idea where I need to improve my game