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[DEVLOG] Wednesday Night at the Doll Hospital

A topic by radiobarro created Feb 08, 2016 Views: 280 Replies: 3
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Wednesday Night at The Doll Hospital is a game I'm making based off of a comic I did over the summer. The main characters are the doctor and the nurse who seem to be the only night staff present during a kind of toy rush hour. Kids bring in their toy and explain what the symptoms are and the nurse preforms a vitals check. Then the doctor diagnoses the problem and prescribes a remedy for the ailment. Each 'level' should have a certain about of steps in order to successfully heal each toy and different difficulties. Picking a 'wrong' choice or in the wrong order provides a penalty but won't make the player automatically lose.

I'm unsure what game engine to use because I could see it working in flash, unity, or even renpy if I mess around with it enough. I'd like to make it in unity so I practice 3d modeling but I'm not sure if that is possible for the first time making a game in that engine.


1. Include at least 3 levels for first release.

2. Score system

3. If 3d include interactive fix up, if 2d include fix up animations.


1. Music

2. Multiple modes besides difficulty that change the games entire appearance like a 'Scary' mode or 'Alien' mode

3.Badges or unlockable image gallery

4. Surgeon and Janitor characters

Concept Art:

Fun Fact: The comic the game is based on was written when I had to constantly visit the ER and eventually stay in the hospital for over a week due to medical problems.

Character Summary

Doctor: A straight laced sort of guy. Often stops in the middle of talking to look dramatically out of a window.

Nurse: Enough love to smother a bull. You'll need to help dry off the patients because she cries on them so much.

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I think I'm going to go with a 2d game with some 3d graphics kinda like Mason Lindroth's work using the Godot engine.

If I get ahead tomorrow I can work on the first scene/ level.

Thinking about separate pallets for each level...