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Has anyone get through the story? While mine ends abruptly after Mr. Ai says goodbye?

A topic by Sora Album created Nov 04, 2017 Views: 710 Replies: 4
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I downloaded the file and play it offline, and encountered the error at the scene of Mr. Ai saying goodbye to the class.

Thinking it was an error from my computer, I try to play it online on the browser version. But, I get the same result : the story ends abruptly at Mr. Ai's monologue and I can't click any button on the game.

Is it intentional and because the game still in development and you give us the brief introduction to the narration? or is it a bug in the game?

Anyway, it has a promising narrative and use enchanting art! Although, I hope there is a color code or effect to divine the dialog between MC and other characters ^^;

I think it's like that simply because of development, I agree with you about it though. I'll keep this game written down and come play it onc it has a bit more content.


Thank you for your support.


Good Day, Sorry for such a late reply.

While the game thats realeased is still very much in development the storyline DOES go further than that. I encountered this error myself when playtesting and apologise for not  noticing it sooner.

Additionally, the development of this game will probably take a completely different course however I am a student and I haven't had time to diligently work on it until now, development is halted while i have a brief motivation loss but thank you for supporting this game and keep it under your rader.

Regards, Cats - Lead Dev

Ah, I see.... It's nice to hear the clarification, and no worries; take your time^^

Balancing self between developing a game project vs real life is tough (I feel you, bro :')) )