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Thank you for your interest in this project. 

For a small game, YujinxTeki attracted more attention that I could have hoped for.

To clarify your queries, YukinxTeki was never intended to be a finished product, the game ended where it did because there was no concept ideas for it moving forward and so we felt the termination was a valid option.

If you still want to support me however, the prototype for Shinzō is now in development, a visual novel very similar to YujinxTeki but that will be monitored and worked on more closely.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope to see you again moving forward,

Charlie, Head Developer 

Thank you for your support.

Good Day, Sorry for such a late reply.

While the game thats realeased is still very much in development the storyline DOES go further than that. I encountered this error myself when playtesting and apologise for not  noticing it sooner.

Additionally, the development of this game will probably take a completely different course however I am a student and I haven't had time to diligently work on it until now, development is halted while i have a brief motivation loss but thank you for supporting this game and keep it under your rader.

Regards, Cats - Lead Dev

Hello, thanks for your question. The game is EXTREMELY early in development but questions are always encouraged. 

Currently there are only windows files for YujinxTeki, due to the simplicity and ease of making them whenever I update the game I simply use a file compatible for windows.

However, not long ago I uploaded the game in HTML5 format, compatible with all devices from PC to Mobile. The only reason I stopped is that the HTML5 version of the game was buggy, especially on phones and required more time to upload. When I am able to increase it's stability I will more than likely use it again.

As for Apple and Android, you're going to be waiting awhile. The browser based game is probably the best you're going to get until I have a very decent chunk of the game made. Lastly, I could upload files for Mac and Linux but at this point there is barely any demand for the game at all and these formats will be pointless for now.

Thank you for your question.