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[HELP] HTML5 Uploading bug game error

A topic by GDS created Nov 04, 2017 Views: 366 Replies: 4
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Im getting this error around 90% on my game files:


Please try to delete the ;zip and upload another one

Checksun error: It always a different file that have a checksun erro, no matter how my times I upload the same file. Eventually after several upload attempts(20 or more) the game will upload fine

- It's not a zip error or any error on my part because I can upload and play on Other locations, and after ITCH.IO finally accepts the game it runs fine

- it seem to start getting those erros when my game got too big, (maybe the server fail to verify the uploaded file?)

I've getting complains of my outdated version on but unfortunately I can't upload the newest version, 

Any help is appreciated, 

or even the lift of that checksun check on my games



Sorry about the trouble. We've heard of this issue a few times but it's been very rare and typically goes away when uploading again. We haven't been able to reproduce it ourselve. Is there something about your internet connection that's might be interrupting your upload? You can try uploading the game with our command line tool, butler, to see if helps.

Sorry to bump and old thread, but it seems I cant send you PMs. I got the game size upgrade fro 2gb and it still enough, but I hit the file limit inside the .zip, can I get a file limit upgrade? no need fo size 2gb is already too big, it just I have too many loose files inside the .zip


I really don't recommend uploading a large game to be played in the browser. It's not that great of a user experience. I recommend making your game downloadable.

I will try to use this buttler next month when I upload the games next version