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The Balcony

A fun physics based game with campaign and zombie game mode. · By Holotna

YouTube videos Sticky

A topic by Holotna created Nov 03, 2017 Views: 502 Replies: 6
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Here you may post your YouTube videos for everyone to see.

Are you an active YouTuber and are willing to make a video of The Balcony? Send us an email with information about your channel and we will review it. You may receive a free key for our game!
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Here are a few videos YouTubers have made of The Balcony.


This was a really fun game!  Glad I played it :)


What a great idea and a concept for a game. I've been very kindly sent a free key by the DEVS to allow me to download, play and make a start on doing a couple of videos. I have, however, purchased the game regardless as I think it's only fair. I've been a little ill over the last few days but here are my videos and expect to see some more. 

Well done DEVS and good luck.



I am finnish youtuber I uploaded this!


I made a video too :) 


Play Pals now covered it!