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Hey, we sent email to everyone who bought the game. By replying to that email you provide us evidence that you really own the game. Alternatively, please provide us some kind of proof of your purchase and we will arrange a Steam key for you.

Yes it will be on Steam in the beginning of 2018. Those who have purchased the game may request a Steam key.

Here are a few videos YouTubers have made of The Balcony.

Thank you, I appreciate it!

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Hello, community!

We, the team of Holotna, are delighted to announce that our first game, The Balcony, has now been released! I hope you are as excited as we are.

For those who are not aware of our game: The Balcony is a very satisfying and addicting physics based game where you have the upper hand against bad guys. Have you ever wanted to throw a television out of a building? Now is your time to experience that!

With over a hundred objects to throw and break, you will not get bored. Even if you miss your target, you get satisfaction from the dynamic destruction of the objects. And when you do hit the target, you can not get enough of it! Watching a vehicle get destroyed or an enemy get crushed by a piano gives huge pleasure and is something you will definitely experience whilst playing The Balcony. Even our own developers are more excited to play the game than ever.

To find more information about The Balcony, do not hesitate to view our product page.
In case you have something to ask or wish to share your thoughts on our game, feel free to post below.

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Here you may post your YouTube videos for everyone to see.

Are you an active YouTuber and are willing to make a video of The Balcony? Send us an email with information about your channel and we will review it. You may receive a free key for our game!
Contact us now

The Balcony community · Created a new topic Bug reports
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Did something really weird happen while you were playing The Balcony? Tell us about it!

We, the developers of The Balcony, find it very important that players can play games without experiencing any odd bugs. Thus, we would like to receive reports of anything that should not belong in the game. We will investigate and try to find the solutions to any bugs found. Please include any information about the bug you encountered so we can reproduce and fix it!