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The Deep RPG

A topic by Allan Bays created Nov 02, 2017 Views: 158
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  • This is the full playable demo that has been submitted for IGMC 2017. The game is based on traditional old-school tabletop D&D. The world is covered mostly by water with one large continent and several smaller, the game takes place on the largest continent and it's outer islands. This world is connected by a vast series of underground tunnels where humans used to live as slaves to monsters. Forbidden from using magic or weapons of any kind humans learned to develop their bodies and minds to fight back against their slavers and break free to the surface world. Upon settling on the surface humans discovered quickly that the surface world was dominated by xenophobic elves that had absolutely no tolerance for any other races and attempted to wipe out humanity. Humanity managed to survive and settled mostly on the outer islands. 1000 years later humans and elves are still no closer to peace but humans have developed much in magic and technology,  martial arts were only passed down from single masters to their students and were all but lost to the ages. The gameplay is the focus, with each character representing an archtype and their class fulfilling a primary role. As an experienced dungeon master I want to make a game that creates a typical fantasy RPG experience with fun mechanics.  As this is my first game ever, I need as much feedback as I can possibly get so I can become better at this! Thanks to this contest I have discovered I love the RPG Maker MV platform and want to make many, many more games after (or possibly while) I finish this one!