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A topic by CowCat created Nov 02, 2017 Views: 165
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   I'm Pilocide, an indie games developer who aspires to one day code games which sell. This is a submission of my first game, Dismute. Dismute is a casual-arcade game which appeals to gamers who are seeking for a fun experience. In the game, you control a white square and the objective is to avoid the red squares which roam around the room. If you make any contact with these red squares, game over. The level progression system works as follows. When the level increases, so does the number of red squares in the room.  Also, the speed of the squares increases every level increment making the game progressively harder. There is a highscore system (highest level survived ) in Dismute which allows you to compete with your friends to see who has a better score.

Additional Info

Since this is my first game, I really need feedback as to how I went with this game, how I could've improved and what I should have done better. Also, if you did enjoy the game. why?