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Please review my game Wave wars

A topic by shivamagarwal created Nov 01, 2017 Views: 184 Replies: 3
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i m beginner dev who is looking for someone to play and review my game . I dont have any money at all... so please help me to increase my confidence  

About the game :-

Wave war is a casual shooting game in which you are controlling a single player tank by using a mouse for aiming and right mouse button for fire

This game features a simple sound and simple graphics 

Enemy will come from some points to you for your tank elimination....

Link for the game :-


Thanks for posting on our community. I think it's fine to ask for feedback about your game, but asking for reviews without providing any information isn't great. If you're trying to get someone to help you out for free then we expect you to respect the time of people reading your topic by putting effort into it. For example, you could include a link to your game, information about it, screenshots, video, and an explanation about why someone should check it out. I don't think you should ask for reviews, but you can ask for people to play it and then they can decide if they want to review it.

sorry sir 

I'm interested in helping with testing and feedback, just let me know if you want my help.
Free of charge. Honest feedback.
Email me at