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Get Rekt

A topic by Clickteam created Nov 01, 2017 Views: 187
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Get Rekt:

Author Notes

I made this game in about a weeks time. The inspiration game to me after spending the last 15 minutes of class with one of my game design students. He was having trouble getting motivated to work on his project and so I told take the rest of class to just mess around and experiement . The process of watching him experiment sent me home still thinking of a idea. A week later the idea evolved  in to the game you see before you!

Objective: Keep the ball within the circle.  You can change which direction the circle rotates with a click. Holding the click will freeze the circle in place. Each bounce in the circle earns a point, Every 10 points it speeds up and the gap gets bigger intill you "Get Rekt"

Maybe not the best I game I have created but it was fun building it. Love to have your comments!

About the Game

Fast paced one touch game "Get Rekt" tests your reflexes and patience with lightning fast action and high score chasing. Keep the ball within the center by changing the direction of the rotating circle and keep the every increasing gap away from the ball. Be careful as every 10 points the gap increases and so does the speed!

The Open source game includes the code with features events like how use RGB Coefficient to shift colors around using the getRGB expression. How to calculate angles using the Advanced Direction object as well as methods for ramping up the difficulty and much more. Free for Reactor members!