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Just purchased this program and have a few questions.

A topic by Four Winged Studio created Nov 01, 2017 Views: 317 Replies: 3
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Hey devs so iv been a Unity3D developer for quite some time and iv currently been wanting to make a visual novel for quite some time but never found the time to teach my self to draw or find anything like your program. By chance i happen to find your program well looking for some other assets.

Anyway do you guys have any estimated date when male characters will be implemented. 


Thanks for your interest! In early December the naked base should start to show up in the nightly builds.

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Hi! Are male characters in the nightly builds yet? (It's technically early december.. :P... actually, 1 year later :P)

Yeah i tested the program out like 1 month ago. A very early version of male characters are in. I have not tried the program recently but back when i did there was very limited options for male characters. pretty much just basic colour changing of the already preset male.