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cuphaed style games and brand new Retro realease ! PLACEBO ACTION

A topic by IssamProd created Oct 31, 2017 Views: 142 Replies: 3
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what makes placebo so unique :

*it's an original full 2d experience on a mobile device like "Shovel knight",

*great retro art but yet new and modern .

*great story line and very optimized for mobile gaming , all that with keeping a full input over the character .

*diverse gameplay changes constantly between action, and solving mysteries , boss fights , beating scores , ..

*very immersive music , soundVFX

*very challenging and fair gameplay 

free to play :


So, is it like Cuphead or like Shovel Knight? :P Either way, you should add a link to the game, and a screenshot or video wouldn't hurt either.   i would like to know your thoughts

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well i started to work on it 3 years ago , and i went with my own concept of what if a oldschool game that i played when i was i kid would looks like now if it was made with a modern technology , it happend that i did in the game  gameplay and the mechanics elements   similar  to  "Cuphead"  , i wanted to refer to it because of its popularity .  shovel knight , simply because placebo is  a deep side scroller experience , that changes constantly bouncing between classic 2d elements ( boss fights , mysteries , characters ..etc  )  hope u like what i did :) , and appreciate the details and also the references of some well known  games i grow up playing  such metal gear solid , etc,,,,