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Bugs and Glitches reports! Sticky

A topic by MrYeti09 created Oct 31, 2017 Views: 1,089 Replies: 41
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Just downloaded version 1.1 and I've noticed quite a few bugs.

  • Cannot equip the flashlight.
  • Incredibly dark environment (will check my computer settings for this).
  • When entering the room in the picture below I'm unable to move and progress.

Also, am I supposed to be starting the game as a scientist? All the available gameplay footage shoes players starting as D-Class. At this point I'm essentially unable to play the game save for wandering endlessly through rooms.

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My bad,I don't know how to turn back my resolution. I started the game and was trying to set on my resolution. When I saw that it was possible to set more, I set more and more... AND MORE. And I finally set the maximum, but I do not know how to set it again on my resolution. Can you help me? Please? Pretty, pretty please?

the same thing happen to me and I can`t do anything

Help me Plz I can`t do anything when it`s like this and I not able to click on the setting

PLZ respond

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