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hey indivi do you rember some of the things you could add by us commenters and have you added them yet like the dragon species OwO


:D hope you have a nice day

so um did the update happen yet it been a month 

k thx

does it work for the old lust doll?

buctche don`t rush them

i have a idea unless it already in the game can you make it where we can get npcs pregnant like the cat lady i forgot her name or catish gal you get the idea right if not ask me to expain more better

hey indivi if the main character is pregnate do they give birth and if so would there be a story line where there child

hey indivi remember when i suggested the dragon race for the game and your main character maybe you should add manticore idk if i spelled it right anyway a manticore for you or the game lov ya keep up da great work

maaaaaayyybbbbe just maaaayyyybeee you can lets us you know help you as in release a version where people can submit there progress of making the game for you and then you can edit but keep some progress if you don`t know what  i am saying sorry 

i guess i am stupid at explalining and i am still waiting for that dragon species for the main character creation >:3 lo0oove you keep up da work 

hey indivi i am pan sexual so can ya make it where idk you can makes the main character friends the you can sexual with ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖) sorry i had to do the lennys anyway back on track like you know a girl can be on girl sences and idk and men on men sences as in we can see the guy or the girl having some sex with our character in there portrait area can we can see the chracter slapping the girl ass in the portait idk i hope you know whatt i mean but anyway love ya i am waiting for next update :3 - Gamer

(hey i know its not about the game but i just was think so i wanted to know the awnser to my questions but you don`t have to answer it)

oi indivi do you consider your commenters as helpful friends 

and another question  do you have help making the games or you do it by ya self

also btw is it the same ways as in real life that if our main character gets preggos does the belly get bigger just wanted to know

:3 luv you indivi

hey indivi i had a idea can you maybe add a sissy route like you know so like the cat girl can dominate you or be submissive<--- idk if i spelled that right but anyway like so characters like the cat girl we have to say thing or idk something where npcs like her can dominate us or be submissive or be the main chara master and ect you get the idea. 


thx but plz keep working on lust brave i complete it where you have to work on the next area for me to even do anything XD

your welcome  and i have more ideas i am just kinda embaress if they look stupid to you but i can tell you them when i can sorry :< 

i forgot what else to say but i remember to say this tho 

you should continue working lust brave i luv it 

thanks for responding to me  :3

Hey indivi can you please make it where you start in the sanctuary first insted of starting in the character cause if i enable massivecock or tits and want my character to have both or one of them in that size cause i would like that or you can made the sanctuary area combined with the creat your character area if you do thanks and here is a race you can add i forgot what it is called but it is a dragon race i think it a dracoina cause idk why but i love dragons and i love your games so please put some thought into my ideas. - ps (keep on doing the great work)

the same thing happen to me and I can`t do anything

PLZ respond

Help me Plz I can`t do anything when it`s like this and I not able to click on the setting

the same thing here and I deleted it then reinstalled it but it was still the same