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Not a regular file, can only WalkSingle regular files

A topic by Quantum Duck Studio created Oct 29, 2017 Views: 240 Replies: 2
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Hello everyone,

Butler had been working fine, have uploaded at least a dozen or more builds, but suddenly I'm getting an error message.

 not a regular file, can only WalkSingle regular files

*errors.errorString not a regular file, can only WalkSingle regular files
C:/Multi-Runner/builds/58469115/0/itchio/butler/src/ (0x7460f6)
C:/Multi-Runner/builds/58469115/0/itchio/butler/src/ (0x745c75)
C:/Multi-Runner/builds/58469115/0/itchio/butler/src/ (0x8c8200)
C:/Go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:2337 (0x45e8c1)

tried Butler login to make sure my credentials are good, looks to be.

status gives me no channel found which is to be expected, I tried erasing the copy I had already uploaded.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


I seem to have fixed the problem. 

It looks like it was related to having the files in a OneDrive folder, something probably related to the recent Windows 10 OneDrive files on demand update. I made a build in another folder and that one is uploading just fine.



Thanks for the update!

OneDrive seems to be causing a bunch of problems, both with butler & with the app. If we get more reports I'll definitely take a look  at it.