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Lust Brave

A boy and a girl travel to an island in search of adventure, only to find more than they bargained for! 路 By indivi

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A topic by Cikmuda77 created Jul 30, 2021 Views: 2,228 Replies: 10
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Hope update more..this game looks better than lust doll.. can't wait for new one 馃槉


Glad you enjoyed it! It's unfortunately on hiatus though, sorry!

Thanx...hope I won't ,waiting to long for update 馃槉

Is there will be an update for this? I found this game have an interesting story :)

me to 馃槗

When is the hiatus end?


Probably not anytime soon. I'm focused on lust doll now!


I prefer this one,rather than lust doll...


Happy to hear~, but yeah, it's not as popular, so can't be helped

to wonder,lust brave #2 on the making 馃

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I love Lust Doll Plus, but I'd also like to see this game and Elf Jail be updated sometime soon.