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I'd love to read your comics, but i have no money :'(

okey :')

Hey, it's all good.

I admit, I am a bit bummed out that there won't be any more updates, but such is life.

NO :(

I got Ending #1. Sad. :(


yay :D



Brave, courageous, willing to voice their beliefs in the face of adversity, unwilling to back down, etc.

Well, you did ask.

You're awfully ballsy for someone with a default PFP.

I like that.

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I'm having the same problem.

There is a Windows version; it's just that indivi forgot to mark it as "downloadable via client", if that makes sense.

You'd have to download it directly onto your PC to play it.

*breath in*


lol "uncultured sWINE" :3

same :(

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Look, rhythm games are hard as balls. It's part of the reason why I never really played Parappa the Rapper or Friday Night Funkin'.

And so help me, if any one of you scrubs tells me to "git gud", I will shove [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] up your [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] and, while I'm at it, [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] your oh-so-magical [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] with a bucket of [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] and a stick of dynamite [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] [EXPLETIVE REMOVED].

EDIT: Made the "rant" a bit more... colorful.

Melodii traded their gender for musical skills and I will have no one tell me otherwise. :3

Whoops! My bad! :3

In all seriousness, I came to this page from a Brighthammer 40K mod, so that might be the cause of my confusion.

So, this is basically a simplified version of Dark Heresy and all those other Warhammer 40,000 RPGs.


I wonder how many people had confused this with nightmargin's OneShot...

Hello, me again!

So, some more feedback!

T-Spins just don't work. At all.

I was trying to perform a DT Cannon (an advanced Tetris maneuver that consists of a T-Spin Double followed by a T-Spin Triple), but the T tetromino wouldn't rotate.

I'm assuming this is because you're using a rotation system other than SRS, and if so, I'd like the option to change between rotation systems so that players can choose the one that they're used to.

Also, I got the exact same tetromino several times.

Usually in post-2001 Tetris games, the pieces are generated such that they are "drawn from a bag", that is, they are sorted into groups of seven, one tetromino of each type, and after one group of seven, or "bag", has been emptied, another randomly-generated "bag" is opened.

I apologize if my criticisms come off as rude or nitpicky; I'm simply used to the Tetris Standard, which this game doesn't seem to follow.

For a Tetris game, it works well enough; you can hold pieces and see the immediate next piece. My problems with the game come from lack of familiarity with its inner workings, as well as the inability to perform advanced maneuvers like the T-Spin Triple.

Gee, thanks for spoiling the (admittedly obvious) twist, dickweed!

That's good to know! Thanks for your consideration!

On a side note, my laptop keyboard miraculously works properly again!

Hi, Zierin705 here.

I genuinely did not expect this game to have an page.

Firstly, how exactly did you "cheat"? I'm assuming you somehow edited the save file to set Alisa and Basil at max level (or just give them stupid amounts of ATK), but with what program?

Secondly, you're telling me that if I want to actually play the game, I have to throw the first fight with Malice?

Well, now I feel like a complete idiot, especially since I deleted Lust Brave (and with it, my save file) to free up disk space on my laptop, thus flushing HOURS OF LEVEL GRINDING down the drain.

That said, I thank you for going through the effort of answering my question.

Just out of curiosity, is there any way to open the menu if the Tab key is broken?

Better yet, is there any way to remap the controls?

The fact that you're charging $3.14 makes this funnier than it should be.

Unfortunately, that means I can't play the game, as I have no credit card.

I decided, out of sheer boredom, to level grind Alisa and Basil before facing Malice, just to see what would happen if I defeated her. As of this topic's creation, they're both at Level 27.

I doubt it's actually possible to defeat Malice at the very beginning of the game, given how much health she has and how little damage Alisa and Basil do to her, but I was just wondering if there was a special failsafe scenario in the unlikely event that Malice is defeated at the beginning of the game.

Well, wait no longer, amigo; v0.8 just got released!

You have no idea how long I've been waiting for v0.8.

My laptop's keyboard is screwed up (I'm typing this using the touchscreen keyboard); the left shift key, among other keys, won't work, so I can't hold pieces. Furthermore, I'd like to use the up key, not the space bar, for hard drops.

In other words, I'd like the option to remap the controls. Please and thank you.

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This game is absolutely adorable!

Draco may not be my favorite character (that honor goes to Lidelle, who might as well be Draco's little sister), but there's no denying her cuteness!

Music's also pretty jammin'!

Tell me, though: are you planning on updating this game?

I'm not expecting something akin to Puyo Puyo VS, but I'd like there to be more to this game than just Endless Puyo with 3 colors.

Mayhaps add a Time Attack mode where you pop a certain number of Puyos or reach a certain score as fast as you can, or a Score Attack mode where you get as high a score as possible within, say, two minutes.

TL;DR: This game is cute, but I think there should be more to it.

Hard to believe this was made using an engine meant for visual novels.

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I got both of the early endings (Midnight and Solar), but I don't know how to get the true ending.

EDIT: Never mind; I got the true ending; the ending I didn't get was Distrust.

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I love Lust Doll Plus, but I'd also like to see this game and Elf Jail be updated sometime soon.

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It's surprisingly easy to get Daisy to 100% Mindbreak if you know what you're doing. That said, tickle torture would be an excellent addition to the game, at least in my opinion; it'll definitely help with the mindbreaking.