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How to get feedback?

A topic by lunarsignals created Oct 26, 2017 Views: 200 Replies: 5
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I spend a lot of time trying to get feedback on my game, but I'm curious what y'all do to get feedback?

For me personally I'm pretty outgoing and go to local meetups and events to show my game off. I have cultivated a few monthly meetups that I can go to, so I have a few interested parties. But I'm looking to get online folks interested in playing The Moon Fields. Part of me regrets putting the early access up and the demo together because I think the price tag pushes people away from the demo, but the demos got a lot of content, so I was hoping thatd be a positive. 


I'll give your demo a shot and leave feedback soon.


I played around with your game for several mins.

I'll start with what I liked:

- the art style of the stages and also the characters as well

- Unique characters. Each character has a unique moveset

- Good customization options with the weapons

- Good controls for controller

Now for the things which could improve:

- Keyboard controls could be mapped better, especially for multiple players on the same keyboard.

- There should be an exit button on the main menu

- It would be great if you could customise player controls from within the game ie so you don't have to quit the game to change it

- Should be ability to customise controls for multiple players on keyboard

- The intro which shows the inputs on the controller could be removed and the perhaps shown in the options menu.

- It would be nice to be able to stop the game and go back to the main menu while you are in a match.


Imma try out your game too :) I'll get back to you soon~


Hi, I couldn't try out your game. I am on a Mac OS X and when I tried opening the .app file, it says "You can’t open the application “DEMO The Moon Fields” because it may be damaged or incomplete."

I tried redownloading a couple more times but it results in the same thing. O.O

Wow, I'm so sorry for that. I pushed out the newest update. Please try this new file and tell me if it works. Thanks.