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Versus Round 1 - Indie Comicbook themed fighting game.

A topic by Open World Comics created Oct 25, 2017 Views: 123 Replies: 2
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Welcome to our first of many post about our new game titled Versus. The idea of Versus is to create a platform where Indie Publishers can pit their published characters against each other similar to games like Streetfighter, Marvel vs Capcom or Injustice.  Our goal is to continue building this game for the years to come. With help from this community we can do just that. 

We currently have 4 playable characters in the demo that we are allowing you guys to play. Every purchase  brings us closer and closer to adding additional characters.  Each character has custom animations and voice work done. We want to build the game out by adding things like additional stages, more animations for additional combo's and servers for Multiplayer capabilities.  Again, we need your help. Please stop by our page and check out what we are doing.  Be apart of this project and know that you where there when the next great fighting game was starting.

check us out here :


You forgot linking to the game. :)

Oh..duhh ! lol... Thanks! :)