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Unable to Download Desktop app

A topic by PlanetxPluto created Oct 22, 2017 Views: 152 Replies: 3
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I'm not quite sure if I'm doing something wrong, or not doing something altogether, but I can't seem to get the app to install. Everytime I try, it just fails and won't download at all. I've tried googling it but I can't seem to find any answers. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there anything I can do to make it download? I'm running Windows 10, and using Firefox, if that makes any difference.


Are you having trouble downloading it from your browser? Or does the problem start when you try to extract or run it?

I just tried downloading it from my browser and didn't have any issues. If you have a virus scanner or any kind of software that might interrupt downloads then I recommend temporarily disabling it if possible.

It's when I download it from the browser. It gets maybe 30% done and then it fails. I've tried to google it, and the only thing I could find that might be the problem is that I needed to update Windows, which I've spent all day doing. I've tried it again and it's the same problem. I currently don't have any antivirus software running, so I don't think that's what's causing it. Is this maybe a problem with Firefox?

Admin (1 edit)

If you have another browser on your computer then I say it's worth trying. There's nothing wrong with our download servers as far as I can tell, so the problem is most likely from your internet connection or something about how your computer is configured.