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PocketStory - Creating Storys and Reading Storys for free

A topic by lolsuperscratch created Oct 22, 2017 Views: 199 Replies: 6
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Read Tutorial or Play Without

Moderator moved this topic to Release Announcements

I moved this to release announcements where it belongs. So it's an authoring system for interactive fiction?

Why no reaching for full version? the others not creating the story books? it keeps clicking hearting and others get in the demo version. nothing to sign up. Well then, Become a New PocketStory User or Try a Demo Version (not reaching on a full version. thats sadness)


Well, there are many interactive fiction authoring systems. It's a really busy market. I made a few of my own, and didn't even use those all that much. Especially as these days other things are keeping me busy. And people may not want to make an account when Texture or Twine allow them to make a full game in the browser and export it to their own computer without logging in.

full version will be sign up. not a payment :(

why the users are one? i want the users sign up. it will accessed PocketStory community, just click the Get the Full Version, sign up as user for your name. it does not know. you want access the community, just click here


It's not about money, but time. People are busy, tired and distracted, and they have many other options.

Subscribe to get new updates right?

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