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Fog of Evil Tech Demo

Survival horror inspired on classic survivors horrors from 90's. · By catchdogstudios


A topic by CoalFire created Oct 21, 2017 Views: 235 Replies: 5
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Heya! The atmosphere, environment and level design are awesome, it really gives a sense of isolation and tension. The ranged combat is passable, it works just fine. But the melee combat is pretty bad, I don't mean this is in any sort of bitchy way, but it doesn't really seem functional at this point. The character attacks have so little range that you have to put yourself in harm's way to attack, the controls are slow enough that you can't really react to any incoming attacks and the enemies do so much damage that you're lucky to survive a one on one and it would be an act of god to survive anything more than that. It either needs to be more responsive or less punishing, if you can't really avoid it you can't punish players and sill have it be an interesting experience. I'm looking forward to what this game has to offer, it looks like it could be really awesome!


Wow, thanks for the review and the tips, i really consider to remove the melee combat. I Still working on game balance., do you think it got too hard?

I'd say keep it in, just polish it up a bit. Right now with the slow movement, high enemy damage and short attack range makes it really difficult to survive encounters. maybe just adding a block or a backstep instead of a roll and adding a telegraph to enemy attacks OR lowering enemy damage a lot. If the damage is high it needs to be more avoidable and if it is lower then you could get away with just adding a few more health packs.


Really thanks for the reply, next version will be more game balanced. This version still is a early work.

Yo man, just played the demo and its looking amazing! Keep the good work up!

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I just finished playing it also and I Like the potential of this game a lot and I'm going to leave you a very big  Email about this so watch out for that :) .