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Jet Powered Glim

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Would it be okay if I could add the trailer to Brawlers Avenue? *its a youtube channel that's dedicated to Brawlers of all kinds.

I have a question.... What program/Engine did you use to make this wonderful game?

So paper jack what are you going to do now?

First I want to thank you for being honest with your answer and I do hope somewhere in the future to reconsider putting this game on Steam. You have a good day!  

The Legendary SEEP :D hope your days are awesome just like your games.

Now see you open more questions and don't get me wrong! is a really awesome place to get awesome games and manga. You've released your other games on steam so why not this one I hope you didn't have a bad experience on it :( 

sooooooo is this game going to be on steam by any chance?


Brawlers Avenue has  played your game 

You're welcome If  you need any feedback just ask :D

on Brawlers Avenue.

its now up and as I said to Din( creator of the youtube channel) your game is getting better and better.

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Hello I'm the moon and I played yout game on Brawlers Avenue:

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Alright guys here is the thing I reuploaded it to Brawlers Avenue. So stay tuned Nov 29th 9:00 am. 

If you have it in english I may buy it because I've been looking for some kind of well taught beat 'em up course for a long time.

Also is your team on Udemy? 

Brawler Avenue has played your game. 

actually that having 4 characters wouldn't really give you copyright.... Who ever told you that is wrong... NOW! if you made  4 characters with Blue purple red orange, made them eat pizza,  and saying "COWABUNGA"  then you might get Copyright.  put for having 4 characters with ninja turtles weapons... not really..... Plus from the looks of it the russian character only has one sword and the USA character only has one nun-chuck Sooo your good :) plus if you don't want the black dude have Sai's their are other ninja weapons ( Kamas,  Flighting Fan,  and the Shoge Hook with 13" Chain)

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Very awesome indeed :)  Now I can suggest stuff for the game! Sooo ummm were the African?  I mean you have USA, Russia, mexico, But no Africa... and  since your going ninja turtle  style you can give him sais  :P.

Question: Did you get permission from

BANDAI NAMCO or From Software? 


Very cool :D mind if I upload a gameplay video of this?

:D this was a fun little game indeed :D

Finally finished my Demo play :) 

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I just finished playing it also and I Like the potential of this game a lot and I'm going to leave you a very big  Email about this so watch out for that :) .

Its a okay I dea But I will say perfect the main gamplay before you go to COOP don't get rid of it tho because it does sound like a good idea.

IF that doesn't work I hope you release some kind of paypal Donation page or go to

Awesome to hear :D I hope it happens :D

Did you guys read that message i left on go

What happen to the Campaign? 

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Since we "From Brawlers Avenue" notice you have a Gofundme We added your trailer to our channel.  "keep pushing for success"  :D 


Hello From Brawlers Avenue! We  Played your game :D 

We hope you keep going  with this project and push it to be even more awesome :D

Hello there!, I'm the Moon Robot but you can call me jet :) .  So I have  A lot of questions to ask you.

  1. Did you make those models?
    1. That's very impressive.
  2. Are you going to add more to the story?
    1. I understand its a Simple and to the point story, but I would say go a little harder on it ... Think of " A porno that really is trying to get a Grammy" type of story. (I'll talk to you mean on your Youtube message page).

All n all I'm really excited to see all those added features on the front.

Well you still can :)! I really hope you rebuild this game and release it for like steam n such :P I would sooo buy this game.

Hello Brian Jar, We From Brawler Avenue have played and Uploaded your game on our channel.

Big Issues with the games.

- Control layout

I'm going to give you an example with the Xbox control.  The Punch or weak attack should always be X and Kick can either be either  Y or A. now if you want to keep them together always remember this: X upper body  and  A lower body. Now you guys have it backwards which yea I adapted to but I stand it IMO. Plus it helps with combos. 

That's the only thing I have an issue with the rest of the game is wonderful.  Keep up the good work.

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Okay so here is how I'm going to help you. 
 1 Get OBS Open Broadcaster its free and you can record your product.

2.  Honestly I would highly suggest that you should sell the main asset here. Think about it. You  pretty much made a really good asset for a standard Beat 'em up.  I understand it's free and that's cool, but all you really have to do is get rid of the copyrighted stuff. You're pretty much selling the code not the look, so its okay to have stick figures.

3. Also You should make a video on how to import and export other stuff and sell it, Trust me. People on unity are still looking for ways to make beat em ups or looking for some kind of code to help them out.

You said you didn't have time its all good. That's life. Just think about it is all. 

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Hello! my name is jet!  I have  about 3 questions to ask!

1. What program are you using to record your  video?

2.  do you have this on the Unity asset store? 

3. could you make a demonstration of importing and exporting characters n such. 

So whats the game plan on getting this game more exposure?