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Hello  mackkings My name is jet.  I wanted to talk to you about how your trying to get your game funded. Now I notice you have a kickstarter and its going really slow. Ever thought about making a GoFundMe.com campaign? The major differences is that The campaign only ends once you reach goal and you can withdraw the amount you've gotten.  You should try that once your kickstarter is over.

Hello there! My name is Jet, and I work for a youtube Channel called  BRAWLER AVENUE  were we promote, talk and play Beat 'em ups and hack n slashes. So from that said We just cover this game :).

Here is the video :) 

We do hope you make this even bigger someday! we will be waiting.

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hello there I'm jet, and I work for a Channel called BRAWLERS  AVENUE were we promote, Talk, and play Beat 'em ups and Hack N slash. So from that said... Stay tuned :) because were going to post this up soon!!  BTW! :)  I like your name Infact I'm going to give you this link to trying to show the Developers of Gekido that people want it back by making a WIshlist on Gog.com trust me they know about it because when i posted on their facebook they liked the idea.

Created a new topic Hello From Brawler Avenue!

Hello there! I'm Jet, I work for a Channel called Brawler Avenue were we talk, play, and promote anything and everything Beat 'em up or Hack 'n Slash.  So yes if you guessed it We recorded this game. 

So as for our thoughts on your game its a solid start! its all good to go traditional.  When it comes to the controls  they need work. (I'm going to explain this with the Xbox controller). the attack button was B, The Jump button was  y the pause button was Left trigger and block was Left bumper. They thing you added the button config. 

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lol this game is To damn cute :) I hope you push it to something bigger :)  I work for a Channel called"Brawler Avenue" we play, Discuss, and promote Beat em ups and  Hack n slashes.  we posted this game : 

I hope you changed  the attack buttons... I mean Its  okay to be innovative  but sometimes you can kick it old school. What I mean is you can have one button to attack and the others do something else.

Okay so I've played it. Its fun!  and like the guy said at the bottom those controls are going to need fixing. a lot of fixing.

Sooo is there any trailers for this game?

Soooo are you going to re-release it on PC anytime soon?

Awesome to here!  I work with a Channel  called "Brawler Avenue" We  talk, and play anything and everything Beat 'em up Related. So From that said next Comment I make is about this game :D

Is this game still being Develop?

Well you guys have alot of work to do ... Honestly I would hope you give knuckle club for free for all this mess... But hey if you got an idea ... Then  I hope its a good one.

So... About that Knuckle Club game... once ConEX is finished are you going to Go back to finish Knuckle Club?

Created a new topic Hello From Brawler Avenue
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Hello, there you can call me Jet.

So I was wondering if you had any more news about this game?  

Also, I work for a Youtube Channel that talks about Beat 'em ups called  Brawler Avenue 

So If you have any new Trailers we would gladly promote your game.