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Would my idea make for a good youtube series?

A topic by Kingames created Oct 21, 2017 Views: 218 Replies: 4
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**this is not a self promotion**

If you would be interested i could link you with my channel but I will not do that unless requested.

So I am a new game dev, just finished my first game and as a fresh dev i noticed that there is not alot of places you can see if other people are/were experiencing the same stuff as you are, and i think it would be a good feeling to know someone else is feeling you.

So the idea is i would make a game as i would normally and then create a post mortem video of the process talking about for example 5 things that went right and 5 things that went wrong with the game, kind of a lesson to even newer devs and myself, just to share the experience or even some more experienced devs that might be working on another field and want to jump on a certain field that i might be familliar with, it would be educational of sorts.

I am aware that there is a series that makes post mortems but it is about very famous games and about more outdated tech, this would be a perspective of a modern day indie dev.

So my question is what do you think? And would you watch that kind of a series or would you pass?

Actually I think this is a great idea! It's funny how you mentioned this idea, as I am in the exact same process of wanting to do the same type of Developer Commentary/ Post-Mortem Content for my own indie games. I'm currently in the same situation, I'm starting out as an Indie Dev, and I figured the documenting of the process of each individual project would help me out a lot, and be entertaining to watch and help other Indie Devs starting out. I just finished my first small game, and after that I finished another project for a small game jam, and will be uploading Developer Commentaries within a few days.

I would definitely watch, as it would also help my ability as a Indie, and since I'm doing something similar we could easily learn from each other. If you ever decide to upload a video send me a PM or something and I'll give it a watch! The type of peer-to-peer educational is invaluable in the Indie Game Community.

Indies just seem to be reclusive at times, don't be afraid to share!

hey! There is no way to pm on and i would be very interested to chat a bit about that topic.

We could share twitter info and dm there if you would want?

Sure thing!



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